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The mission of IVY is to transform into a global college committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by providing challenging academic programmes underpinned by innovative research, scholarship and professional practice. IVY endeavours to achieve its stated objectives by developing its portfolio of partnerships with eminent and distinguished foreign institutes like the University of Bedfordshire, Arden University, University of London, Pearson Education Limited, ATHE and ACCA, to name a few.


Why the University of London?

The University of London (UOL) has been associated with, and a pioneer of, every stage of the development of distance education, from the correspondence schools of the 19th century to the online learning practices of today – always in the service of widening access to the University’s programmes. Although the University of London began in 1836 as a purely examining and degree-awarding body, to which approved institutions could submit students for examination, by1858, the University started offering its own degrees. In 1865, the decision to make London exams available remotely allowed students to complete assessment processes without physical attendance in London. Until the establishment of the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) in 1964 and the Open University five years later, the University of London offered the only pathway, anywhere in the world, to obtain a degree without attending a university.

The University of London has worked continuously ever since to establish and maintain a network of over 650 bona fide examination centres that maximise the flexibility of location and underpin the integrity of assessment, which until 2020 was conducted almost entirely on a face-to-face, pen and paper basis. By 2020 there were 50,000 students in 190 countries studying for a University of London degree. The federal nature of the University of London means that students have the opportunity to pursue degrees where the curriculum and assessment are offered by world-leading institutions in their field such as UCL, LSE and SOAS, but with local support. The University of London works with over 100 Recognised Teaching Centres (RTCs) in 42 countries, appointed through a robust recognition process. These are independent institutions, many of them also universities, which offer face-to-face academic and pastoral support for University of London students. 80% of their undergraduates choose to study face-to-face in this way, most of them full-time.

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Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

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