Course Overview

LLB in Arden University has been newly updated to reflect recent changes to professional practice qualifications in the UK. You now have the opportunity to select specific degree pathways, such as preparing for a career as a solicitor, by opting for course modules that cover the knowledge required for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE 1). Alternatively, you may want to take a pathway that prepares you for a Bar Training Course if you wish to qualify as a barrister in the future.

Program Mission

However, we don’t expect all our students to make a concrete decision about their future career when they first join us, and this law course isn’t just for those that want to work in the legal sector. You’ll have time to discover which aspects of your law degree ignite your passion during your first few years of study, and you’ll find that this LLB in Arden University helps you develop a full suite of skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, presentation, negotiation, and persuasion. Workplace attributes such as these are hugely valuable across a wide range of contemporary careers, and you’ll graduate with a highly regarded qualification that provides value for a lifetime.

Admission/Entry Requirements

We will consider you as an individual and take into account all elements of your application, not just your qualifications. We are looking for breadth and depth in your current studies and enthusiasm for the subject you wish to study. In order to achieve 16 years of education equivalence from Higher Education Commission Pakistan, it is essential to have completed 12 years of local education (Metric/Intermediate) or 8 O-levels and 3 A-levels. In other instances, you will normally need to have the following one of the following:

  • At least 50% in HSSC (intermediate)
  • A-level eligibility requirement from two passes to A-Level three passes.
  • At least Merit/Pass/Pass in the BTEC Extended Diploma
  • A completed Access to Higher Education Diploma Equivalent qualifications such as International Baccalaureate
  • Completion of a recognised access programme or equivalent

Non-standard entry is also considered. Contact the Admissions Team for additional guidance on whether the qualifications you currently hold or are taking would be suitable for entry: Admissions open for semesters commencing in January and September of every year. Ensure you allow adequate time for your application to go through the normal admission procedure of two weeks. Visit your nearest campus in time for securing a place in the programme.


Year 1 – Level 4

English Legal System and Skills Compulsory Public Law Compulsory
Tort 1 Compulsory Crime 1 Compulsory
Civil Liberties in Practice Compulsory Contract Law Compulsory

Year 2 – Level 5

Tort 2 Compulsory Crime 2 Compulsory
Land Law and Practical Skills Compulsory Equity, Trusts and Wills Compulsory
Dispute Resolution Compulsory Technology, Innovation and the Law Compulsory

Year 3 – Level 6

Employment Law Compulsory

Optional professional practice modules:

SQE pathway recommended modules (20 credits)*

Business Law and Practice Solicitors Professional Practice
Property Practice Law of Evidence

Bar pathway recommended modules (20 credits)*

European Union Law Advocacy
Law of Evidence

Optional modules (20 credits)*

Family Law Immigration and Asylum Law
Placement and Pro Bono International Law
International Commercial Law Legal Research Project
Legal Dissertation (40 credits)


Virtual Law Firm

A unique aspect of this course is Arden’s Virtual Law Firm. The Virtual Law Firm replicates many of the aspects of professional law practice that you will encounter in the workplace, such as receiving client instructions, interacting with colleagues, and working to deadlines. Through the Virtual Law Firm, you’ll be able to apply your learning to real-world scenarios in a safe environment with supportive feedback and guidance from our law faculty members.

Assessment methods tailored to your career

To assess your progress through the course, a variety of assessment methods have been used that support the development of your knowledge, application, and skills. At level 4 and level 5, each module’s assessment contains two parts. 

  • A multiple-choice question (MCQ) examination to assess your comprehension of key module content. This assessment format directly reflects the MCQ format of the SQE examinations, giving you added preparation if you opt for further solicitor training. 
  • The second part includes a number of different assessment methods, which may include the use of advocacy, portfolios, drafting exercises, and coursework, depending on the module you’re currently working through. 

At level 6, you’ll have the opportunity to choose which modules you wish to study to reflect your desired career path, and you’ll be given full support and guidance through each item of assessment you undertake. 

Fees and Funding

Arden University fee will be directly payable to the university on the given deadline, which will be communicated to the student in the Acceptance Letter when the student successfully secures a place in the programme. The fee will be due annually for the duration of the degree. IVY fee will be charged on a semester-wise basis. There will be two semesters in one academic year, starting in January and September of each year. Contact the admissions team at your nearest IVY campus:

We have a limited number of scholarships that we offer to different students on the basis of the categories they fall into. Fee waivers are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please access the Scholarship Policy and Form for further details.

Career Prospects

LLB in Arden University provides you with a wide range of transferable skills that can be used in a variety of professions. You’ll learn how to research and critically analyse information, communicate information in different formats to different audiences, work through a problem, and reach reasoned conclusions. As such, a law degree gives you the skills and attributes sought after in a range of careers, including those in non-legal professions. Whether you’re using the LLB qualification as a stepping stone to your dream career, or you’re looking to hit the ground running with a graduate role straight out of university, this degree will help you build the foundations for a career in a variety of exciting and challenging industries. Studying your Law LLB (Hons) will help you: 

  • Prepare for a career in law
  • Prepare for the next steps to becoming a barrister or solicitor
  • Enter work in private practice as a paralegal, carrying out many of the tasks and roles of a qualified solicitor
  • Gain a broad range of legal and research skills that are highly sought after in both law and non-law sectors, expanding your professional skill set and increasing your future employability

We don’t expect undergraduate students to have a set career in mind before starting their degree. So, don’t worry if you still weigh up your future options. Instead, we prepare you with a range of skills that employers from a variety of industries value. After graduating from the course, you’ll feel confident to make a decision about your future career path. 

Future legal roles include:

  • Solicitor
  • Barrister
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Executive
  • Legal Secretary

Non-legal career options are almost endless, but popular choices include:

  • Journalism
  • Policing
  • Politics
  • Teaching and academia
  • Tax consultancy roles
  • Business consultancy roles

Further Study

On completing LLB in Arden University, you are well-placed to develop your academic knowledge by pursuing this academic discipline at an advanced level:

  • train to become a solicitor – LLM
  • train to become a barrister – BPTC

Mode of Study

The LLB in Arden University is taught using face-to-face learning. Students will have access to IVY tools and resources as well as Arden University’s iLearn/VLE to complete their studies/modules. Support will be provided by local and link tutors at IVY and AU.