Student Loan

Fascinating Futures at IVY through Student loans!!

Ground breaking initiative where IVY students shall be provided loans to pursue higher education and fulfill their goals and dreams. Neha Mudassir signed an MOU, Director IVY College Of Management Science and Maam Aleena Nadeem, Chief Executive Edufi. This initiative shall help students better prepared than any other higher education institution to ensure that any adversities our students experience,do not impact their education and long term goals.

Everyone here believes that an education is a ticket to a better life but, over time we need to evolve and follow the best practices around the globe. Hence this initiative shall address the burden of students education in the form of loans. This may sound something new and unique but in the developed world education has always been accessible through student loans. This facility is for the nationwide deserving students so that they can get relief and pursue their long term goals.

This is a game-changer and we are going to have people who are there to help get you – help direct you and work your way through the process.

And one big change IVY is making, is to make education more accessible.

Today’s announcement is about opportunity, it’s about giving everyone a fair shot. It’s about the one word IVY can be defined by, POSSIBILITIES!

Your path to success awaits you!!
Congratulations 💜