Best Private University in Lahore

Best Private University in lahore ICOMS is a higher education college committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a diverse range of students by developing its portfolio of partnerships to bring a consortium of colleges/institutes for local accessibility. All programmes offered by ICOMS through any partner are permitted for teaching and delivery by the HEC (Higher Education Commission) Pakistan.

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Education Without Borders

Today we stand tall with a consortium of institutes to our claim to fame, including partners such as the University of Bedfordshire, Arden University, ACCA, Pearson UK, and the University of London. In addition, our students have the option to transfer to any of these universities and their study centres across the globe. Thus, we have truly pioneered the concept of University without Borders.

Best Private University in Lahore

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Take a virtual tour of ICOMS, and you will find it the best university in the state. The video will take you virtually to every place in this university.

Best Private University in Lahore


A global university centred around you. IVY College of Management Sciences is a pioneer in bringing world-class, global education to Pakistan.

Best Private University in Lahore


In the increasingly competitive environment of worldwide access to higher education, the IVY Academic Network continues to offer a guarantee of quality.

Best Private University in Lahore


Roots IVY Education Network’s commitment to education dates back to 33 years, sustained by consistent innovation and forward-thinking perspectives.

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Dr Khadija Mushtaq (T.I.) is an Educationist by profession and the CEO of the leading chain of education institutions; Roots IVY International Schools, Roots College International, IVY World School, IVY Academic Network and IVY College of Management Sciences. She has been an extremely dedicated and compassionate educationist who has pioneered many national and international qualifications in Pakistan. Her dedication and hard work, commitment to excellence, and personal interest in each of her students have earned her recognition in the field of education as the ‘Most Inspirational Educator.

Why Choose ICMS?

Roots IVY Education Network’s commitment to education dates back to 33 years sustained by consistent innovation and forward-thinking perspectives which is now synonymous with standards of excellence and eminence.

Established in April 1988 at 74 Harley Street Rawalpindi by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq (Aizaz-e-Fazeelat), a dedicated and committed teacher, Mrs. Riffat took the challenge of introducing modern Methodology of Montessori System with the launch of the Roots IVY Education Group.

Self Development

A global university, centered around you. IVY College of Management Sciences is a pioneer in bringing world class, global education to Pakistan.

At ICMS we will always put the needs, welfare and experience of our students first. We will place a high value on developing a mature approach to learning in which students are encouraged to challenge conventional wisdom, handle complexity and benefit from difference and diversity.


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Highly Individualised Advisement

Executive faculty, plus professional coaching, help you design and fine-tune a personalised learning plan, reflect on your aims, and carve out an impact-focused career path

Student Journey

A complete student life cycle underpinned by student engagement, external exposure and mobility


Attend your graduation ceremony at your partner university campus or at ICMS

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