Course Overview

The BTEC Higher National qualifications in Business are aimed at students wanting to continue their education through applied learning. HND Business in Pearson provide a wide-ranging study of the business sector and are designed for students who wish to pursue or advance their career in business. In addition to the knowledge, understanding and skills that underpin the study of the business sector, Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Business give students experience of the breadth and depth of the sector that will prepare them for further study or training for a range of careers in business, including management, administration, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance.

Program Mission

Graduates successfully completing the HND Business in Pearson will be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the basic concepts of business. They will be able to communicate accurately and appropriately, and they will have the qualities needed for employment that requires some degree of personal responsibility. They will have developed a range of transferable skills to ensure effective team working, independent initiatives, organisational competence and problem-solving strategies. They will be adaptable and flexible in their approach to business, show resilience under pressure, and meet challenging targets within a given resource.

Admission/Entry Requirements

We will consider you as an individual and take into account all elements of your application, not just your qualifications. We are looking for breadth and depth in your current studies and enthusiasm for the subject you wish to study. In order to achieve 14 years of education equivalence from Higher Education Commission Pakistan, it is essential to have completed 12 years of local education (Metric/Intermediate) or 8 O-levels and 3 A-levels. In other instances, you will normally need to have the following:

  • Prior qualification at Level 3 is preferable
  • Mature entry route for professionals or students who took time off from studies, which is likely to include extensive work experience and/or achievement of a range of professional qualifications in their work sector

Contact the Admissions Team for additional guidance on whether the qualifications you currently hold or are taking would be suitable for entry: Admissions open for semesters commencing in January and September of every year. Ensure you allow adequate time for your application to go through the normal admission procedure of two weeks. Visit your nearest campus in time for securing a place in the programme.


Year 1 – Level 4

Business and the Business Environment (Level 4) Marketing Essentials (Level 4)
Human Resource Management (Level 4) Management and Operations (Level 4)
Management Accounting (Level 4) Managing a Successful Business Project (Pearson-set unit) (Level 4)
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (Level 4) Financial Accounting (Level 4)

Year 2 – Level 5

Research Project (Pearson-set) (Level 5) Organisational Behaviour (Level 5)
Business Strategy (Level 5) Developing Individuals, Teams & Organisations (Level 5)
Consumer Behaviour & Insights (Level 5) Sales Management (Level 5)
Planning for Growth (Level 5)


The assessment took a variety of forms, including essays and reports, portfolios, individual and group presentations (individually assessed), research proposals and timed assessments. Many of the assessments tend to be focused on employability thus tend to be based on real case studies, project work, and other employability focused activities. Most units include elements of individual and group work to reflect the type of work undertaken in business and management. The assessment focuses on tasks that develop vocational skills underpinned by subject knowledge, requiring higher levels of cognition in the later years of the course. Assessment becomes more nuanced and more demanding in Levels 5 with the expectation that students will be increasingly able to create their own subject-specific knowledge.

Fees and Funding

The Pearson BTEC fee is a one-time payment, payable to the college on the given deadline, which will be communicated to the student in the Acceptance Letter when the student successfully secures a place in the programme. IVY fee will be charged on a semester-wise basis. There will be two semesters in one academic year, starting in January and September of each year. Contact the admissions team at your nearest IVY campus:

We have a limited number of scholarships that we offer to different students on the basis of the categories they fall into. Fee waivers are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please access the Scholarship Policy and Form for further details.

Career Prospects

HND Business in Pearson will prepare you with a range of transferable skills that will allow you to understand an organisation at all levels, so you can eventually decide wherein the business ecosystem you fit best.

By covering a breadth of topics, you’ll have your pick as to which career path to choose upon graduating. Whilst studying, you’ll:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of all business functions
  • Develop an analytical eye for important detail and sharp critical thinking abilities
  • Become an expert problem solver and a confident communicator in business scenarios
  • Understand all levels of organisational structure and how to evaluate the positives and negatives of these with real-life case studies
  • Begin to form a clearer idea of which aspects of the business you enjoy learning about the most, and develop ideas about where your career path might lie

Here are some of the professions our previous graduates have gone on to explore:

  • Brand Manager
  • Business Owner (Entrepreneurship)
  • Business Developers
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Project Manager

Further Study

On completing this course, you are well-placed to develop your academic knowledge by pursuing Level 6 (degree year) at a renowned UK University or locally at IVY. This third year will convert Higher National Diploma into an undergraduate degree.

Mode of Study

HND Business in Pearson is taught using face-to-face learning. Students will have access to IVY resources at the college library and online to complete their studies/modules. Support will be provided by tutors throughout the programme duration.