Millions of students each year pass out and opt for HEC-recognised Universities. It is a bitter fact of society that students whose degrees are not approved by HEC hold no worth. Well, there are a number of factors that contribute to HEC-recognised universities. So, to provide viewers with a clearer picture, here we have listed the main factors that involve in making a university top-ranked.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Graduate Results
  • Programme Prestige

There are many top-ranked universities in the city, and among them, ICMS is one of the top-ranked HEC-recognised universities in Lahore. ICMS is not only a top-ranked university that is recognized by HEC but, in fact, is a prestigious university accepted on an international level. Students who want to attain a bachelor’s or a post-grad program will have a number of benefits at ICMS. As ICMS believes in quality education.

What makes ICMS fall in the category of top-ranked universities?

  • Educational programs

The programs which the university offers are very generous. ICMS is one of the top private universities in Lahore. One that offers a wide variety of courses for students with advanced specializations that are in demand in the industry.

  • Globally recognized:

ICMS provides HEC degrees to its students and also provides degrees that are internationally known. ICMS presents dual degrees, which is acceptable in foreign states as well. Further, the instructors of the institute are foreign-qualified. So, the instructors make their students highly trained in their respective fields and give them briefings from all aspects.

  • Leadership and Independence:

Freedom and leadership should coexist at a strong institution, and both should emphasize in each program. Being one of the top-ranked HEC-recognised universities in Lahore. The institute should promote innovation, creativity, and competition so that students can grow to their full potential. In addition, ICMS promotes all of the above and allows more growth.

  • Co-curricular activities:

IVY offers extracurricular activities to keep students active and healthy. ICMS, as a top rank institute oughts to encourage and support its student’s participation in a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and community events. Not just this but in fact, in sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, pool, chess, carom, badminton, cricket, and athletics and a lot more.

  • Research and Result:

The student must make their research important to their field of expertise as the most crucial stage that results in maintaining the university’s ranking. After finishing their research, students host conferences and meetings with academics to tell their findings to professors. Last but not least, university students’ grades are quite important. Excellent student performance demonstrates the dedication of the university’s faculty and students, which indeed adds up as a factor to the top-ranked HEC-recognised University in Lahore.

So at IVY, we are vigilant of the curriculum and the grading structure. We make sure that the grades we mark are according to the international level. As IVY is the only university in Pakistan that facilitates the students to “TRANSFER CREDITS” to any university abroad.

To sum up, a university must possess qualities that truly make it eminent, and ICMS has all the factors above. Indeed this makes ICMS an exceptional university in Pakistan.

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