B.A. Journalism in University of Bedfordshire 5 Rewarding and Essential Careers to choose:

ICMS is the best international university in Lahore which offers a media-friendly journalism qualification. It develops cross-industry editorial and production skills. These skills are very beneficial for a fruitful career in the media industry. Therefore the Career options range from traditional print, TV, and radio-related jobs to other alternatives in the digital media, communications, marketing, and much more.

In today’s era of communication and technology, people want to be well informed about the world and its events. If you’re interested in writing for a newspaper or magazine, you may find yourself wondering about the qualifications of a journalist. The preliminary step of education involves a graduate program from ICMS which is B.A. Journalism in University of Bedfordshire.

Primary Constituents of a Journalism Major:

The world of media appears to be a glamorous one. Hence you must be very cautious and well-aware of the competition that comes with it. ICMS, one of the top private universities in Lahore, has a journalism program. Hence it gives an in-depth insight into the major constituents of a journalism degree. These include the following:

  • Editing
  • Journalism
  • Writing Skills
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management

Rewarding Careers after a B.A. Journalism in University of Bedfordshire

ICMS’ qualification in journalism sets you up for a successful career in the field. Developing the above-mentioned journalistic qualities, you can maintain a fruitful livelihood in the following capacities:

  • Reporter

They are responsible for finding stories that fit the paraphernalia of “News-worthy”Our B.A. Journalism in the University of Bedfordshire, helps you identify stories that qualify as news and can have an impact on a large-scale audience. Therefore they’re also responsible for engaging readers, viewers, or listeners with their storytelling.

  • Editor

Editors, in any news organization, identify stories that can be covered and therefore enhance the presentability of the news story. Hence they are also responsible for editing stories for newspapers, magazines, and digital mediums. Editors can also assign and edit scripts for radio and television reporters and anchors.

  • Photojournalist

Who doesn’t love photography? You can also choose a career in photojournalism with our B.A Journalism in the University of Bedfordshire. In this capacity, the journalists need to capture moments that are self –explanatory and depict the essence of the news story.

  • Videographer

Videographers are responsible for capturing images in motion. These moving images are what the story is all about. ICMS, one of the HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, produces ethically responsible videographers. They ensure video representations of real events to tell the story accurately.

  • Content Writer 

Writing is a broad category in the media industry. It is the essence of journalism. Each of the content writers is allotted an editor Moreover they ensure that the written piece meets the standards set by the publication or program leadership.

In Conclusion with our B.A. Journalism in the University of Bedfordshire, you will be all set to hit the ground running when choosing a career path. You will have gained an essential understanding of the industry which would be beneficial to put your career on the right trajectory.

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