The field of fashion design relates to the designing of clothes. It proceeds from clothes to accessories. The field of fashion designing is perfect for people who have creative minds. People who love to mix and match colours and use them in designing. Fashion Designing is the study of colour theory, fashion theory and fabrics. Indeed it is all about techniques which are enlightened upon the student by proficient teachers. All that matters in the field of fashion designing is what gives hype to your interest. As after fashion designing, there are a number of fields to choose from; here in this piece of writing, we have mentioned to all you students what to know. 

What are the goals of the “fashion designing” program?

This program’s goal is to prepare individuals for a career in fashion designing. The degree of fashion designing combines various factors of theory and practice in order to create a product that is aesthetically pleasing. Further, it also involves the amalgamation of fashion trends that puts forth something new and creative.

What will you learn at IVY as a fashion designing student? 

Well, there are various fashion designing universities in Lahore, but ICMS is considered one of the best fashion designing university in Lahore. As this institute makes their students proficient in their fieldwork of fashion design. Students in ICMS are instructed by teachers who are internationally qualified in their field. This helps in supporting the new students in their fieldwork as they learn about fashion sense, types of clothes, accessories and a lot more. So, students, if you are in search of the best fashion designing university in Lahore, then you are reading the perfect article. As IVY has set a number of objectives and goals for its fashion designing students. 

  • Gain Expertise 
  • Get to know about Fashion Industry 
  • Develop Business Skills 
  • Learn Technical Skills 
  • Personal Growth 

IVY is the best fashion designing university in Lahore, as it allows one to learn to merge artistic principles and innovative designs to produce a masterpiece. Moreover, Students at IVY learn about seasonal fashion trends along get to know about worldwide fashion and its evolving characteristics. 

Career benefits of getting enrolled in the best fashion designing university in Lahore:

Fashion design universities play an important part in providing career benefits for their students. Students who will prefer to take the degree from ICMS will gain numerous benefits. 

  1. IVY provides internationally recognized degrees all over the globe. 
  2. Attain the best position in your career with IVY’s certifications. 
  3. Become a part of international fashion trips. 
  4. Gather knowledge from expert and professional fashion instructors. 
  5. Broaden your horizons

What are the career options for Fashion Designing students?

  • Fashion Designer
  • Arts Administrator 
  • Clothing or Textile Technologist 
  • Higher Education Fashion Lecturer 
  • Fashion Talent Agent 
  • Textile Designer 

As a matter of fact, IVY also initiates “Interior Designing” which opens up a number of other career options. 

  • Interior Designer 
  • Virtual Merchandiser 
  • Exhibitioner 

Learners of fashion designing have the above-mentioned options, which they can opt in their career pathway. Undoubtedly, at IVY, you will gain the best experience as it is one of the best fashion designing university in Lahore

IVY and its Fashion Designing Department 

Universities like ICMS will especially train their students who are enrolled in fashion design degrees so that these students can create their own collections of unique designs. It will help them to satisfy industry standards and can take part in all manufacturing stages of the clothes after becoming fashion designers. The course in fashion design will create to polish the student’s talent. Students learn how to design clothing for various target markets during their training. Also, students come to know how to select fabrics, textures, and colors. Moreover, students can showcase their talent by planning competitions, fashion shows, and final projects at the end of their degree. 

To sum up, students of IVY can develop their knowledge of fashion design and abilities through research, experimentation, and theoretical study. During their degree, they become experts enough to determine the requirements of the fashion industry. IVY benefits its students not just by rendering quality education but, in fact, delivers its exceptionality with its dual degree. The benefit that is greatest of all is that any student who qualifies from the roof of IVY can transfer their credits to any university abroad. Or can showcase their degree abroad as it is internationally recognized. 

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