Good writing skills give you a serious competitive edge regardless of your standard career line. If done well, you eventually get through to your audience most effectively. In contrast, poor writing skills are recognized immediately and reflect poorly on your part.

Effective writing skills are linked with critical thinking. It shows that you pay attention to the little intricate details and carry your piece carefully. Additionally, a specialized qualification from the best private international university in Lahore gives you the much-needed competitive edge. Also, it helps you make the necessary advancements in your career.

Good writing isn’t completely reliant on creative expression, or flowery language, or excellent word jumbling. In reality, good writing must eventually stand up to the following targets:

  • correct grammar with zero spelling errors
  • well-structured and easy readability
  • Brief and expressive
  • understandable for the audience

In the present world of texting, emailing and another emoji-related connectivity, the good art of writing has become widely unpopular. Cyber slang is taking over very rapidly. Therefore, with proper qualifications, you can learn to produce good writing pieces. These will eventually take you up a notch in all your career lines by all means. 

Why is good writing important?

Clear writing reflects clear thinking skills. Hence, one can’t deny its importance. In this blog, we have discussed a few indisputable benefits of this art. These include the following:

1-            Clarity in communication

Unnecessary talking eventually turns into blabbering. In contrast, writing reflects calm and composure. It allows you to have a more sophisticated aura. Also, you are better able to express yourself with more precision and simplicity.

2-            Reduces stress

Even the best private international university in Lahore acknowledges that good writing is stress-relieving. Writing allows you to put your thoughts to paper which eventually frees up your mind. In addition to that, it improves your rationalization skills which are extremely essential.

3-            Increases productivity

Writing activates your neurons. This eventually boosts your thought process. Moreover, your vocabulary improves along the way. It should be noted that, tasks that are written down always have a greater expectancy to be completed.

4-            Added learning

It’s simple: the more you write, the more you learn. Rephrasing a piece of information and eventually writing it in your own words helps you a lot. You grasp more information more effectively.

5-            Much more awareness

With a degree from the best private international university in Lahore, you learn to be more aware of your surroundings. You tend to develop a more realistic approach. You expect to achieve more. Also, you get an excellent platform to explain and stand your ground.  

6-            Better decision making

Writing well clears up your mind and thoughts. This allows you to have more clarity and a precise approach to making informed decisions. Therefore, you make better choices.

7-            More focus

You become much more focused if you continue to develop this habit. You get a good eye for your target and eventually make your way to it.

8-            Making memories

When you keep writing, you keep storing your thoughts. Hence, this allows you to keep making memories. This in turn gives you cherishable memories and a lot of them.

Last but not least, ICOMS, the best private international university in Lahore, offers a degree program where good writing is an added skill. Our degree of education internationally recognized by the University of Bedfordshire is particularly designed for individuals who wish to excel in the art of writing.

Moreover, efficient writing skills will always benefit you throughout your career. Whether it be a job hunt, college application, or research paper, with top-notch writing, you can take on any challenge with efficiency and excellence.


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