Yes, we’re all familiar with the basics of a research paper. It is that academic writing that includes extensive theoretical information which has eventually followed a proper procedure of research methods and evaluation.

It usually involves an overwhelming amount of data and information which is compiled in a systemic manner. Graduate and Post-graduate university programs have a mandatory research project at the end of each degree that validates its completion. Similarly, the leading HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, recognize the importance of a good research project, which is why we have prepared a guide for you to follow.

Guide to writing a good research paper/dissertation

This guide takes you through the process of conducting concrete and relevant research. by following this guide, you are well equipped with the know-how of writing and managing a quality paper in a set time frame. Next, let’s look at each of the individual steps carefully:

  • Choose a topic carefully

The first step is to decide what you want to write about, hence, the topic. Usually, the prominent HEC-recognized universities in Lahore give you the liberty to choose a dissertation topic according to your own will. Generally, this motivates the student researcher. In addition to that, you must be very specific while choosing a topic. This only makes it easier for you to go through the lengthy process of writing a dissertation.   

  • Organize all your sources and data

While conducting and writing a research paper, the key is to stay organized. You must select reliable sources for the research. Moreover, this helps to go down the path of following each step of jotting out the research paper.

  • Brainstorm a proper outline

The HEC-recognized universities in Lahore help you to conduct the initial research and organize your sources. This gives you enough information to map out the procedure of the paper. You can eventually prepare a guideline cum outline that maps out your entire process of research.

  • Conduct research according to the outline

The next step is just to follow this outline. It usually includes the kind of content to be included, the problem under observation the research methods being incorporated to propose a solution for the research problem. This systematic and methodical approach indeed produces quality research results and ensures a paper that is up to the mark. 

  • Pen down a basic draft

Once you have conducted your initial research according to the outline, start penning it down according to the contents of the paper. The HEC-recognized universities in Lahore teach you the detailed process of writing an initial draft of a research paper. This first draft is, therefore, the basic layout of how your entire dissertation is going out to be. It gives you the liberty to make amends in case you come up with something better to include.  

  • Proofread the draft

Proofreading is the key. Re-read your draft as required. Keep your draft according to the outline that you have prepared. This allows you to judge your paper more effectively. Moreover, you can add more detail or make changes and amends if required.  

  • Finalize the paper after amends

Last but not the least, jot down the final draft once you have made the necessary amends. You must ensure that it includes all the necessary information in each of its chapters. The HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, teach you the appropriate methods of research. By following this guideline, you will be well-equipped with the skills to produce a paper that is worthy of publishing.


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