Indeed, businesses have greatly become data-driven. Moreover, it has become a crucial part of essential cooperative decisions. Hence, with the right data at your disposal, you can ensure much more accurate and beneficial results. Additionally, it has become a significant area of study. Thus, a master of information systems management equips you with the knowledge and theoretical expertise to take your business up a notch.   

A sturdy customer database is, undoubtedly, a necessity rather than an option. For this reason, all the leading universities in Lahore, have acknowledged the need for this professional education. Ultimately, it has become a vital part of the curriculum. In addition to that, such a database is the home to important customer information like:

  • purchase patterns
  • personal details like email and phone numbers
  • demographics
  • last purchase data and details

Furthermore, an efficient customer database is also crucial due to the following reasons:

  • contains important insights to generate sales
  • create a good rapport with the clients

Build a customer database with a master’s of information systems management

It should be noted that you can’t build a database with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This process generally varies from one venture to the other.

Therefore, in this blog, we take a look at some techniques you eventually learn with this master that further ensure that your business is moving in the right direction. Let’s have a look at the following:

1-         Audit the customer data

First and foremost, make sure to scrutinize your database. Segment them according to psychographics and demographics. Now, take a good look at their characteristics to see what information are you missing out on.

This will ultimately help you maintain well, up-to-date information.       

2-         Filter out the important information and structure it

Secondly, with a master’s in information systems management, you eventually get a much clearer idea of how to manage important customer information. You finally filter out all the relevant information to keep an accurate track of your sales cycle.    

3-         Expand and segment the database

Thirdly, we all know that excessive information can become overwhelming. Thus, dividing the data into categories can help, without a doubt. You can divide the database in the following way:

  • bought in customer data
  • important sales data and information through the sales team
  • data generated from the campaign and other marketing gimmicks
  • important social data through social media platforms

4-         Fill the gaps

Following the database segmentation, with a master’s of information systems management, you also track all the missing information. It could be phone numbers, emails, contact information, or other valuable data.

Subsequently, with this degree, you finally realize the valuable significance of information for an efficient database. 

5-         Maintain it regularly

Now, you have consequently, formed an efficient database. This is the time to maintain it. In contrast, a poorly maintained database system eventually leads to the loss of important information. This further helps you to avoid any duplication of data and ultimately maintains an accurate information system.  

6-         Keep the sales and marketing in good communication

Last but not the least, with this degree, you ensure to implementation of a resourceful CRM (customer relationship management) system. This is, clearly, an efficient tool to facilitate various sales and marketing procedures. Furthermore, it also keeps them in good communication.

A well-communicated sales and marketing team changes the entire business landscape for the better. As a result, this qualification also focuses on building good communication skills to further enhance customer interaction within the business.  


To summarize, ICOMS, one of the HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, offers an MSc in Information Systems Management from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. This internationally recognized qualification, additionally helps you to take on various managerial roles to expand your understanding of the use of information systems in various business landscapes.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to ICOMS today and develop the real-world expertise to lead the digital marketing front with our masters of information systems management!    

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