LLB is an undergraduate degree in law. It includes learning about the legal system of the country. With the LLB degree, students will study law and see themselves in the legal profession as a lawyer, barrister, or judge or in a paralegal zone. Also, students study how the law implements in different areas of our lives. The legal system is a synthesis of several patterns. The country will generally govern by a system of criminal and civil law accompanied by constitutional law. The country’s judicial system will comprise Magistrates’ High Courts, Constitutional Courts, and a Supreme Court of Appeal.

LLB degree at the best university in Pakistan:

There are many universities in Pakistan that are offering LLB degrees and explain the benefits of LLB degrees in Pakistan. Students who want to pursue their career in the legal profession must see the benefits and the worth of their degree. IVY is one of the best universities that offer LLB degrees, also there are a number of key benefits that IVY renders to students of Law.

Advantages of LLB at IVY:

  • LLB in 3 Years

The local degree of law is in five years whereas at IVY students can save time as it renders a degree of law within 3 years. 

  • Get an internationally recognized degree:

IVY is approved by HEC and Pakistan Bar Council but also its degree is dominant in international universities. Students who get the degree of LLB at ICMS can easily showcase their degree at the international level.

  • Internships:

The students of legal studies can do internships during their educational time span as IVY presents a number of opportunities to students. Indeed these internships will help students to gain a broader range of exposure and they will possess a command over the subject.

Various job opportunities:

Another greater benefit of an LLB degree in Pakistan for law graduates of ICMS is that they have a wide range of job openings. Alumni can easily get jobs of various legal statuses at a domestic and international level as IVY renders a degree that holds worth abroad.

  • Increased pay scale:

Furthermore, alumni of ICMS not only get jobs at eminent organizations, but they also have a good pay scale. It is due to the worth-it degree of the ICMS.

  • Credits Transferable to any university abroad:

Students who get enrollment in the degree of LLB at ICMS can easily pursue their legal studies abroad. Students can transfer their credits to any university abroad as universities all over the globe consider IVY degrees. In addition, it is one of the biggest benefits of having an LLB degree from ICMS.

Additional Benefits:

The details above make it clear that IVY is offering an LLB degree that provides a number of benefits that any other university in Pakistan cannot render. Additionally, students who get themselves enrolled at IVY have special preparatory classes for SEE- Law and Law GAT. Thus, this is an additional advantage that will support law students in their professional careers. For sure, after completing an LLB degree and practicing, ICMS students learn all the traits to become a lawyer. At ICMS foreign faculty instructs students. So, attain the greatest benefit of an LLB degree in Pakistan and extract knowledge from foreign instructors.

To sum up, ICMS is one of the leading law schools, focusing on skills development throughout the LLB program, particularly regarding the technical, legal, and soft skills of the learner. Those individuals wishing to become attorneys or barristers or want to possess command over the degree must enroll themselves in IVY’s Law programs.

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