Choosing a degree in interior design can be fun and exciting. But the entire process of going through it can be a little overwhelming. Interior design primarily involves the art of planning and managing the design and implementation of interior spaces of all sorts of buildings and furnishings. In addition to that, you would also be required to transform various internal spaces into actual, substantial spaces.

The pandemic of 2019 has made us rethink the entire way how we lead our lives. This new normal of today had forced us to spend a lot of time in our houses. This has eventually sped up the art of creativity due to the availability of time. A distinctive education like a B.A in interior design allows you to have an individual capable of taking it up a notch.

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FAQs related to B.A in interior design?

If you are inclined toward a graduate education in interior design, here is a list of FAQs that henceforth addresses the most common concerns and allows you to make a value-added decision.

1-         What should I study before a B.A. in interior design?

Everyone must know that according to the HEC, a 12-year education is compulsory in order to pursue any bachelor’s program. Therefore, a bachelors in interior design.

2-         What subjects are usually covered in this degree?

All in all, the most common courses covered in this degree include the following:

  • Arts and Drawing
  • Construction Technology
  • Basics of Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Model Making
  • Cost Estimation

3-         Are interior designing jobs hard to get?

With a well-reputed B.A in interior design, your career path definitely gets a bit more streamlined. With a recognized degree, you need ambition and persistence on this path as it gets demanding at every step. Undoubtedly, experience is essential for a job but what’s more important is having the concerned expert education which eventually makes the career path more and more progressive.

4-         Is a career in interior designing a viable option?

Indeed yes, a career in interior designing is a progressive occupational option. For people with a knack for creativity and passion to design interior spaces, this career is fantastic. To have a competitive edge in the market, you must pursue a dedicated qualification like a B.A in interior design. This is your first concrete step towards a worthwhile career. Furthermore, this qualification allows you to hone your design-related skills so that you explore this never-ending field. 


ICOMS, one of the best universities in Lahore, offers a specialized bachelor of interior design that allows your inner artist/designer to explore true living spaces. In addition to that, it gives you many opportunities to study a range of real-life interior spaces as well as develop your own design solutions that work in creative, practical, and functional ways.


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