If you are passionate about designing aesthetically beautiful spaces, then a B.A. Interior Design is just the qualification for you. This field is eventually popular, challenging, and super creative. 

Some people just have a natural aptitude when it comes to design. While for some, they need to work hard, and preferably a qualification contributes to making their path easier. Therefore, for such people, a specialized bachelor’s in interior design equips them with enough skills to succeed in this competitive field. A big part of any job after qualification in interior design requires you to have an understanding of color theories, keep a track of the latest trends, and understand various textiles and fabrics in general. 

With a B.A. Interior Design, you are prepared to plan, design, and furnish the interior of homes, office spaces, and other public spaces. You might also find an opportunity to work in an architecture or interior design firm, specializing in kitchen and bath design, work for a furniture manufacturer or dealership, or be an interior product manufacturer’s representative. You may be the boss, contribute great design solutions to a team, or be an expert in design thinking. Thus, anything is possible! 

Is a career in Interior Designing lucrative?

This completely depends on your interest and approach. If you have a knack for arranging stuff and creating eye-catching looks, then this is just the right career for you. Homes and workspaces are not just buildings anymore. They now reflect an individual’s personality so the need for a well-designed space is much more relevant today.

This trend has led to an increase in demand for skilled interior designers who can combine their creative skills with business acumen to design functional spaces. Therefore, with a B.A Interior Design, you can enjoy a plethora of career avenues for aspiring interior designers. 

Rewarding Careers after a B.A. Interior Design

The dynamic field of interior design offers numerous compelling career paths in all sorts of small and large public and private spaces. Hence, listed below are some of the most fruitful careers to pursue after this vibrant qualification:   

  • Interior and Spatial Designer

With a B.A. Interior Design, you are skilled to make our homes, offices, restaurants, and other places look more stunning than ever. Eventually, you learn the knack of renovating and designing interior spaces that may include furnishings, color and lighting schemes, fixtures, and fittings.   

  • Production Designer

As a production designer, you are responsible for designing the overall aesthetic of a place by identifying a design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles, and costumes, in addition to working closely with the director and producer.  

  • Exhibition Designer 

With a B.A. Interior Design, you can take on the role of an exhibition designer. They are the interior designers who work in museums, libraries, galleries, or historical sites. Hence, they are skilled in layout and design and may work exclusively for a museum, gallery, or a private firm.

  • Architectural Lighting Designer

Lighting has an invaluable impact in the world of designing interior spaces. With a specialized bachelor of interior design, you gain a good insight and understanding of all types of lighting, graphic designs, and decorative products, such as light fittings and shades that are used in this field. Therefore, you are all set to take on challenging roles like architectural lighting designers. 


ICOMS, one of the HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, is one of the leading institutes of interior design in the city. Our specialized bachelor of interior design from the University of Bedfordshire allows you to explore the true living spaces. 

You gain special expertise in space planning, ergonomics, design composition, color theory, building technology, environmental control, and design for sustainability. Moreover, you acquire the specialized knowledge to gain a promising career in this dynamic industry.    


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