Bachelors Degree Business Management

First and foremost, The Business Administration and Management degree provide an interdisciplinary education that will help students become a great business professional. Along with the support of a team of expert teachers, our business studies combine training in the main areas of business, such as finance, economics, marketing, etc., with training in the skills and competencies that are important in business management, leadership shape negotiation, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

The practical approach to a bachelor’s degree in business management:

Furthermore, The experimental process of the bachelor’s degree business management program includes:

  • Case studies and many additional activities (Current Affairs in Economics and Business Program
  • Professionals in Class, Company Visits, Company-sponsored University Competitions, etc.)
  • It will bring students closer to the business world, where students will develop their future professional careers.
  • The multicultural environment will enrich their experience and expand their international network of contacts.
  • Additionally, the students will be able to study internationally at some of the best universities in the world.

There is no need to find a university abroad, but ICMS is an international university in your town!

Objectives of a bachelor’s degree in business management:

Indeed, The bachelor’s degree in business management has a double dream:

  • Especially, To offer the learners students a solid education closely linked to the professional activity they will carry out in the future.
  • On the other hand, it helps them to acquire the attitudes and skills necessary to work in a globalized and dynamic world and to adapt to the highly competitive and constantly changing economic sector.

Internships for the bachelor’s degree in business management:

The School organizes mandatory internships in companies and a wide range of additional activities (current economic and commercial program, professionals in class, employment forum, career opportunities, company visits, participation in different university competitions launched by companies, etc.). Above all,  It enables our students to communicate with business professionals and guide their future professional development while completing the degree.

More and more companies are beginning to value the international experience of undergraduate students positively. Therefore, the School encourages and allows students to complete part of their studies.

Courses that are offering in bachelors degree business management:

Moreover, The course covers the main characteristic tasks of organizations as well as the functions of:

  • human resources management
  • finance and accounting
  • marketing
  • operations management.

The links between the themes have a central role in this course, exploring the six concepts underlying the subject (change, culture, ethics, innovation, globalization, and strategy).

In addition to this, This course enables students to understand the dynamic and complex environments of today’s businesses. Conceptual learning is deeply rooted in business management theories, tools, and techniques and embedded in real-life examples and case studies.

Especially, Bachelor’s degree in business management encourages students to become aware of ethics at the local and international levels. It aims to develop versatile skills that meet the aspirations of today’s students:

It should be noted To think critically, make ethically sound and justified decisions, appreciate the pace, nature, and meaning of change, and think strategically or undertake long-term planning, analysis, and evaluation.

The course also helps develop subject-specific skills, such as financial analysis.

To sum up, Students who wish can also complete their studies by combining a bachelor’s degree in business management with another in marketing, finance, economics, law, pharmacy, or engineering and information systems. Obviously, All follow the criteria of quality and excellence and aim to ensure that students actively participate and assume a crucial role in their learning process.

So, what are you waiting for??

Let yourself enroll in a bachelor’s degree in business management at ICMS.




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