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LLB Hons degree

A law degree is known as an LLB or Bachelor of Laws. And if any of you have set your sights on a career in politics, business, or journalism, the transferable skills one will learn in a law degree will give students of LLB Hons in Islamabad an excellent unveiling pad for these motivations. With professionally focused requirements, learners can expect to learn practical skills fixed with a focus on future employability.

Orientation guide after adopting LLB Hons:

Orientation guide after law studies: Often, students find it difficult to orient themselves after the degree because they are little informed about the opportunities for a specific sector. The same is true during their university studies, so much so that they then ask themselves the question of

“What to do after studying law” when they have chosen the legal sector.

However, when you decide to study law, there are quite a several opportunities, from lawyers to legal professions (and the job of the lawyer), through positions in public administration.

For a good reason, the outlets are multiple. Lawyer, judge, notary, jurist, and civil service. Law students are spoiled for choice. If some decide to stop their studies after the License, others continue their course by choosing a specialization. Here are the different possibilities with the LLB Hons in Islamabad.

Job opportunities after a law degree

After a law degree in one’s pocket, law students can practice in the justice sector, public administration, or business. In short, one will find within these structures positions corresponding to your academic background.

  • In the judicial environment, after studying law, for example, learners can consider a career as a clerk.
  • Its attributions are multiple, ranging from the drafting of summonses to the production of reports on the progress of each case.
  • Through the constitution of files filed with the courts. One can also consider a career as a prison counselor.
  • After studying law, the young graduate can also access a position in the civil service.
  • To this end, he has the possibility of passing various competitions such as that of territorial attaché, public finance controller, territorial administrator, and customs controller.

Best Legal experts:

As the law improves and becomes more and more complex, companies decide to arm themselves with the best legal experts to perform the legal functions. Large structures are the most inclined to trainee because of the diversity of their activities and their firms. It is often a multinational, an insurance company, a real estate empire, or even prominent industrialists.

Specialize in social law and take the place of a human resources assistant. If learners want to become corporate legal advisors, aim for a specialization in business law. This activity requires more advanced knowledge in terms of studying and drafting international contracts.

Do you dream of presiding over a court or becoming a judge or prosecutor?

Make your dream come true after your LLB Hons in Islamabad by participating in the entrance exam of Magistracy.

As a high-level lawyer, you can obtain a position as legal counsel, legal officer, or litigation manager within a company.

If learners adopt specialization in Public law, they are a specialist in public law. One can choose a political career or work in international organizations or even in embassies by becoming a diplomatic agent. In this area of ​​activity, recruiters are particularly selective. It all depends upon your specialization.

What are the possible specializations after studying LLB Hons?

It is necessary to have a specialization after studying law to hope to seduce juries and recruiters.

There are different specializations in law.

However, these specializations will not be issued to you as a license during your legal lectures.


  • From the third year, students have a clearer vision of the profession they want to exercise after their law studies. Internships can also guide them towards a more refined selection of outlets.
  • In addition, group work led by professors and experts contributes to their orientation. However, after completing your degree, prepare yourself for important positions. You can become a judicial officer, lawyer, magistrate, or even a selection of files for a post in business.

Legal specialties:

The lawful things are concretely divided into three, namely

  1. private law
  2. public law
  3. international law

Private law remains the most popular with students after studying law, as it is divided into several branches, including tax law, real estate law, social law, legal proceedings, and business law.

It, therefore, offers the most opportunities compared to the other two specialties. Public law students focus more on a specialization in public services, the administration of public institutions, or public procurement.

Why chooses a LAW?

The law is open to other sectors such as commerce, management, or even health. The faculty is the ideal place to learn this course because it allows, among other things, to combine it with other classes. As a result, the student has the possibility of obtaining a double degree and becoming multidisciplinary. The plurality of knowledge acquired opens broader horizons and highly varied career possibilities.

However, those who learn the law in college are more independent. Undoubtedly, group work is quite frequent, but the initiation to the legal sector requires a minimum of concentration. Students go to the library to learn independently, which is a practical way to concentrate.

To sum up, it is known that the legal industry is known for its fast pace and intense activity and experience. Every day will be different, whether dealing with clients one day or appearing in court the next.


Learners of LLB Hons in Islamabad can help other people in the legal profession is to providing service to clients with the goal of assisting them in solving their problems. This can range from tax and debt issues to criminal cases and human rights advocacy. Either way, you may have a purpose and are doing good for others through your career choice.




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