Fashion has glamour. Fashion has fame. Fashion loves the art of creative details. Though this all seems super attractive and fun but is it all enough to have a successful career in the exciting world of fashion?

We don’t think so. ICMS, the best private international university in Lahore envelopes the entire world of fashion in one of its specialized bachelor of fashion design. This field has become highly competitive today therefore a qualification is essential to excel in this vibrant career path.

Our B.A. in Fashion Design focuses on creativity and contemporary fashion design practices. At ICMS, you will create fashion collections using our industry-standard manufacturing facilities, as well as digital textile printing, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

Furthermore, our B.A. in Fashion Design at the University of Bedfordshire hones your design and craft skills for a successful fashion career. Also, you get to explore the multi-cultural and international contexts of this vibrant world.

Dynamic Careers to take on after a B.A. in Fashion Design

At ICMS, one of the top private universities in Lahore, the fashion school keeps its focus on the elaborate design details related to the field. Hence, there are a large number of career avenues that can be explored. The most famous of them constitute the following:

  • Retail Manager

 Our B.A. Fashion Design can land you a position as a retail manager. You will be responsible to promote and market the gimmicks. also, you will have to prepare daily staff-related targets to ensure a satisfied customer at the end of the day. Similarly, they often head the finance and HR departments in some smaller companies.

  • Fashion Coordinator

ICMS, one of the HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, qualifies as a fashion design institute that lands you the job of a fashion coordinator in this dynamic world. You will have to look after the advertising and the marketing operations of the brand. Hence they are closely knit with the fabric dealers to ensure the best quality products.

  • Fashion stylist

Our B.A. in Fashion Design brings out the stylist in you. This degree prepares you to have an eye for the right pieces from your client’s wardrobe or maybe from a designer’s collection. Subsequently, you must keep the client’s character, body type, and the occasion being attended to, in mind to ensure a flawless look for it.  

  • Fashion Consultant 

The best thing about a fashion qualification at ICMS, one of the top private universities in Lahore, is that it opens up the options of consultancy for you. Therefore, you are required to keenly observe the changing fashion trends and stay up-to-date with their changing dynamics.

  • Textile Designer

With our B.A. in Fashion Design, you can final a career in the textile industry as well. Hence, you would be required to demonstrate your skills in designing 2D patterns, and other patterns for knit, weave, and printed fabrics.

  • Fashion Journalist

Who doesn’t love reading and writing about the latest fashion-related happenings across the globe? If you have a knack and eye for fashion and are familiar with the related jargon, then a career as a fashion journalist will do you good. Similarly, where to get the expertise and qualification for it? None other than ICMS, the best private international university in Lahore.  


The fashion industry is competitive. A specialized qualification like a B.A. in Fashion Design is important to explore the career options in this amazing field. Therefore, ICMS, one of the best universities in Lahore, encourages you to experiment with designs, materials, and other fashion-related processes while increasing your knowledge and practical expertise.



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