BBA marketing in Pakistan covers the areas of communication, marketing and corporate communication strategy, media, and promotions, which allows students to discover the essential elements of marketing and communication with a balance between theory and practice.

In this program, students learn how to position their organization, their product, and their company and to be more competitive. They know how to demonstrate permanent innovation at national and international levels. They learn to benchmark and choose the best ways to communicate with their primary targets and improve customer satisfaction. These efficiencies are known by students in the program of BBA marketing in Pakistan.

Students master the basic techniques of negotiation with suppliers and other partners, as well as with customers.


Develop the capacity of students to acquire knowledge and know-how in the disciplines of communication and marketing through an education based on the active participation of students in training.

Be more active in all areas of marketing and communication, especially:

  • Digital marketing.
  • Social networks.
  • And project management to create a communication plan in all areas of activity.


BBA marketing in Pakistan gives students the essential know-how required to access positions of responsibility in the public and private sectors, such as:

  • Communication and marketing manager
  • Event project manager
  • Brand manager
  • Communication officer
  • Strategy
  • Management and Organization
  • Public relations manager
  • Web marketing manager and consultant.


The internship in the BBA marketing in Pakistan will give me practical experience and the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to the real world of work.

  • Targeted skills:
  • Identify the variables of the marketing mix and define their interactions.
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy.

BBA marketing in Pakistan is training at a very high academic level. Mainly taught in the most significant business schools, it offers many opportunities that will introduce to the students during the program.

The BBA marketing in Pakistan is a higher education program that is open to all graduates. The BBA program lasts four years. It is taught mainly in English, as it is more internationally oriented. The courses included in this program are delivered in different forms to train very high-level business executives.

The objective is to involve students through role-playing or flipped classes to develop the relational and managerial skills essential for exercising high-responsibility commercial functions.

What makes BBA marketing in Pakistan unique is its emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Therefore, students do not only learn marketing and management. They also develop skills (finance, human resources, marketing, etc.). This will enable them to create their own structures and become job creators themselves. To refine their skills, they participate in internships.

What are the opportunities for BBA marketing in Pakistan?

Its graduates can enter the job market directly. Indeed, the qualifications they will have acquired during the 4 or 3 years of study make them ideally suited to occupy positions of responsibility in firms.

To stimulate the employability of their students, the institutes offering this training often organize exchange or speed-dating days with companies operating in various sectors of activity, such as:

  • International trade
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Import-export
  • Finance
  • Audit, etc.

They can also turn to entrepreneurship. Mastering all aspects of business management and marketing, they are perfectly capable of creating their own structures and managing them masterfully.

Among the professions accessible after a BBA marketing in Pakistan are:

  • Web product manager
  • Project Manager
  • International buyer
  • Export area manager
  • Business executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Business development manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Accounts Manager
  • Responsible for international purchases
  • Business analyst
  • Business Developer
  • Responsible for administrative and financial management

To sum up, the different outlets for BBA marketing in Pakistan take their program differently. This program is designed to train business executives with a variety of skills who can successfully run a business. On the other hand, the international aspect of this training means that they can work also choose to continue their studies in order to acquire more extraordinary expertise. Expertise can be used to help them become successful entrepreneurs themselves.


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