Whether you’re looking for an entrepreneurial career or want to become a CEO of an organization, business education is a must in both scenarios. Business Education revolves around inculcating the skills of running and managing the operations of a company.

In the present age of knowledge, business education has particularly gained momentum in Pakistan. Hence, as of today the top business colleges in Lahore, all operate with the agenda to maintain a standard of education that is market-friendly. Therefore, these business institutions come with a strong educational framework with dedicated professionals with an educational background d of an MBA, BBA, or other business-related specialized qualification.

ICMS, The Top Business College in Lahore

ICMS is one of the best universities in Lahore that is committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of such business-minded individuals. We provide state-of-the-art facilities where the students enjoy an inclusive approach to education. Our school of business offers a comprehensive insight into the pre-requisites mandatory to have a successful corporate career.

Being one of the HEC-recognized universities in Lahore, ICMS offers a three-year-long BSc and BBA (Hons.) and a year-long MBA and MSc program that prepares you for the trying world of business and management. Hence, whether you are prepared to launch your career in business or want to train yourself for management skills, IVY School of Business provides you with knowledge, understanding, and skills that are right for you.

Why Study Business at ICMS? 

Being one of the top business colleges in Lahore, we offer diplomas, graduates, and post-graduate programs for all students seeking a specialized business education. Being the pioneers of internationally recognized business education in Lahore, ICMS’s school of business offers the following specializations as a diploma and at the graduate and post-graduate levels:


  • HND Business Management

Graduate Programs:

  • Business Management
  • A. Business Administration
  • A. Business
  • A. Business Marketing

Post-Graduate Programs:

  • Sc Management
  • Sc Information System Management
  • MBA Business Administration
  • Sc Project Management  

Partner Universities with IVY School of Business

ICMS is one of the top business colleges in Lahore. We offer international and well-reputed business qualifications from around the world. The above-mentioned are all specialized internal courses from our partner universities that include:

  • University of Bedfordshire
  • Arden University
  • University of London
  • Pearson Education Limited UK
  • ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

ICMS, among the top business colleges in Lahore, offers an array of specializations in managerial, administrative, and hospitality-oriented business operations which opens wide avenues of promising business careers for aspiring graduates.

ICMS is a promising academic and vocational institution in Lahore that focuses on a socially broad approach toward specialized education. IVY’s MBA and BBA, all enable you to explore the internal and external business environments and understand the business functions of the rapidly changing world of business.


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