Bachelors in Law aims to secure all the procedures of the organization of the bachelor’s degree law, both at a national and local level, by involving all the actors concerned and by considering all the technological innovations, and this guarantees the smooth running of the exam session.

In addition to this, Bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice program is concerned. Especially It is designed primarily for students who intend to pursue a legal and judicial career (magistrate, lawyer, bailiff, clerk, notary, police commissioner, etc.). Furthermore, Students receive additional training in the essential subjects of private law and criminal sciences and explore the different aspects of litigation before the courts.

Besides this course allows students to focus on all aspects of a Bachelor’s degree in Law. The program will make it possible to study, among other focuses:

  • Commercial law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Contract law
  • Labor law
  • Civil law
  • Judiciary law
  • Property law
  • Company law, etc.

The bachelor’s degree in law is aimed at qualified lawyers who wish to deepen their knowledge or specialize in law. They make it possible to work in multinationals, international law firms, or even international or governmental organizations.

Teaching law from a human perspective

The bachelor’s degree law program offers general training in law as well as preparatory learning for higher or specialized studies and for diversified professional practices. It is clearly described, as that the bachelor’s degree in law is a complete and varied legal training allowing access to the rule of law as well as to careers for which knowledge of law constitutes a significant asset.

Active learning space

Undoubtedly Some courses for the bachelor’s degree in Law will take place in the active learning room, which promotes, through the effective use of new technologies, the use of dynamic and innovative pedagogical approaches. The spatial layout allows the teacher to circulate and interact freely from one team to another to ask questions or relaunch discussions if necessary—a stimulating space where the student is greatly involved in his learning process.

Indeed All these processes are included in the bachelor’s degree law to make the learners more efficient in the field:

  • Concentrations
  • Body
  • Common Law
  • Internships
  • Body

In addition to this, this program offers the possibility of carrying out an internship in a professional environment. A diverse range of internship environments is available for learners. Among these are research internships with the judiciary, internships in the community, and research in the government environment.

Moreover, the objective of the law degree is to enable the student to acquire a general knowledge of law and methodology specific to lawyers.

For Bachelor’s degree in law, the following are the focuses of the program:

In private law:

  • Introduction to civil law
  • Family and personal law
  • Contract law
  • Criminal law and criminal procedure

In public law:

  • Constitutional law
  • Administrative law
  • Public finance
  • Tax law
  • International and European law

Along with the acquisition of legal vocabulary and procedure made through completely new exercises:

The case study, the judgment commentary, or the legal dissertation. This base is supplemented by opening lessons which can be:

  • Political sociology
  • International relations
  • Foreign languages
  • Economics and management

Moreover, there are more options. The student specializes in private law, public law, business law, or European and international law, depending on the courses offered by the institution.

List of master’s mentions related to law after completing a bachelor’s degree in law:

  • Administrative law
  • Civil right
  • Comparative Law
  • Private right
  • Public business law
  • Business Law
  • Banking and financial law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Fiscal law
  • Insurance law
  • Health law
  • Environmental and urban planning law
  • Public finances
  • Constitutional right
  • Right of freedoms
  • Law of the economy
  • Digital law
  • History of law and institutions
  • Justice, trials, and procedures

To sum up, this prestigious bachelor’s degree in law not only but also can be completed quickly and allow learners to boost their careers by accessing positions of high responsibility in large companies.


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