The CS international degree will give students a solid education in computer science fundamentals, allowing learners to adapt to the constant changes in technology. Students will also receive practical training that will prepare new learners for the job market.

Students study computer systems for industrial, scientific, or management purposes in organizations. Learners will acquire the skills required to analyze complex problems to formulate an IT solution modified to each one, and to guarantee the progress and implementation of these solutions. Students will also have the necessary skills to evaluate information systems and give relevant professional advice.

Focuses on the degree

  • Bioinformatics

This offers a student’s specialization in a field at the junctions of digital disciplines (computer science and calculation) and life knowledge (biochemistry, biology, microbiology, ecosystem).

  • Software Engineering

This path offers students specialization in several vital aspects of the design of reliable, secure, robust, and easy-to-maintain software.

  • Internet and Web Applications

With this course, students will specialize in web application programming.

  • Multimedia and Video Game Development

This offers students a specialization in the fields of video game programming and multimedia.

  • Computer Security

This course allows learners to specialize in computer security and cybersecurity.

  • Organizational Information Systems

This concentration offers a student to specialization in the field of business process reengineering.

  • Intelligent Schemes

This subject permit student to study more about mock intelligence and its incorporation into different fields of submission.

  • Big data processing

This concentration provides students with specialization in the analysis and processing of big data found in most organizations today.

Who is the program for?

The computer science international degree is aimed at anyone who is passionate about problem-solving, innovation, and systems. Knowledge likes to study and investigate concepts, is easy with symbols and pictures, has a logical and rational mind, demonstrates resourcefulness, creativity, perseverance, thoroughness, and versatility, is pragmatic, and has aptitudes for mathematics, communication, and teamwork.

Since computer science students are in high demand, many employers come directly to campus to recruit. Many graduates with computer science international degrees find a job or are offered one even before completing their university studies. It is because professional relationships are established during their internships or following presentations on the possibilities of jobs and careers that employers make locally.

Students’ expertise will be sought in all areas:

  • Business
  • Arts
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Health
  • Science, etc.

If learners have varied interests, this profession allows them to work in different environments throughout their careers, depending on the evolution of their career path.

What are the benefits of a computer science degree?

A computer science international degree focuses on studying software systems, and a computer science degree is one’s ticket to this rewarding career. With the increasing use of technology in every possible field, many companies and organizations are hiring IT, and IT graduates.

The effort to create solutions and solve problems makes programming a creative field. As such, there is a high demand for good programmers with exceptional skills. They will have various opportunities in the area, and the financial compensation can be significant.

The good news for computer science international degree holders’ graduates is that today every business is becoming a software company. Therefore, a degree in computer science provides access to a wide range of positions and industries, as only a few other careers do.

To sum up, like any other degree, a computer science international degree also has many advantages. These are just a few of the benefits that make studying computer science worth the difficulty of the courses and projects you will undertake:

Transferable skills

Many IT careers require students to work on larger teams, some of which may not have the same technical expertise. Being able to communicate effectively will make a student an invaluable team member. Throughout the studies, students will also acquire skills such as real-world problem solving critical and creative thinking, and students will learn programming languages.

Lucrative jobs

The continuous development of new technologies means a constant demand for technology graduates who can create, manage, and fix gadgets and codes. This demand for adequate IT specialists means IT careers are well-paid.


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