Around 4 billion people are always connected to the internet today. This has led to the rise of blogging. It has become an integral part of content marketing and continues to drive a handsome amount of traffic to a particular platform. As we all know, this form of journalism has an international reach, therefore, a degree like M.A International Journalism in  University of Bedfordshire can help you hone your blogging skills and reach out to a larger audience.   

Bloggers are usually excellent content marketers. It is a popular form of written content that generates leads and diverts traffic. As of today, it has become an essential component of different international social media strategies and campaigns. As a result, a qualification in international journalism is your best and safe bet if you wish to take a career in blogging.  

Why blogging for a website?

In this blog, we are going to discuss how an M.A. International Journalism in the University of Bedfordshire improves your blogging skills and increases your social media presence. Mentioned below are some advantages that this degree provides in order to make your blog stand out in the crowd:

  • Drive traffic to your website

Yes of course, every website wants visitors. A qualification in International Journalism allows you to understand who your target market is. Hence, once you have identified that audience you learn to market your brand or product in a way that has a global outreach. Blogging is one of those tried and tested ways. If done correctly, it diverts an immense amount of traffic for you.

  • Tell compelling stories

With an M.A. International Journalism in University of Bedfordshire, you produce attractive and persuasive stories. That’s what blogging is all about. It is all about persuasion and encouragement. Furthermore, you learn to structure your blog in a way that appeals to the readers. Thus, with a solid introduction, a compelling body and an enveloping conclusion, you blog is going to reach an audience beyond your target.

  • Polish your interview and research skills

Bloggers are excellent at in-depth research. they possess a natural instinct of investigation. Therefore, a masters in international journalism hones your research and interviewing skills in the best direction. With this degree you learn to extract information that is beneficial for your local and international market.

  • Follow deadlines

As a journalist, you learn the art of punctuality. Time sensitivity is an essential skill required to be a successful journalist. Furthermore, blogging generally envelopes time sensitive topics, where these journalists need to follow deadlines in order to produce quality content. With an M.A. International Journalism in University of Bedfordshire, you learn to produce blogs timely. Also, you learn to identify the top-selling topics that might require a blog coverage.  




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