Universities love happy, enthusiastic, active, and wholehearted students. Hence, they prefer students who give equal importance to extracurricular like their standardized academic performances. Extracurricular activities are an essential part of your university or job application. With the evolving landscape of education in the country, the top private universities in Lahore emphasize the non-academic part, which involves ambition and motives. Colleges and universities value these extracurricular activities as an essential part of a student’s growth. They provide the students with a refreshing relief from the daily academic grind. Therefore, it is imperative for the university’s administration to incorporate these activities on a regular basis. This eventually ensures the productivity of both the students and the faculty alike.

Benefits of extracurricular activities:

1- Builds leadership skills

The top private universities in Lahore value students who have the tendency to exhibit sound leadership qualities. In various extracurricular activities, you need to take up the lead role, maybe in a game or a competition. Furthermore, you learn the art of combination with your subordinates while being in authority.

2- Enhances teamwork attitude

Participating in extracurricular activities is a great way to work well in a team. Unlike your day-to-day coursework, these activities teach you to deal with your peers in an interactive environment. In addition to that, you learn to work together in spite of your difference of opinion. This helps you develop patience and endurance, in case there arises a conflict of interests.

3- Instills time management skills

As we are all familiar with the fact, time is of the essence. University life is a busy time. Therefore, the top private universities in Lahore, focus on extracurricular activities. These activities require you to complete a certain task in a given amount of time. There are times when you need to manage more than one task at a specific time. So this is a skill that acts as a stepping stone in all your walks of life.

4- Promotes networking skills

As mentioned earlier, communication is the key. These co-curricular activities involve several meetings, rehearsals, and practices. Here you are required to interact and communicate with your peers. You enter a community with similar interests. This acts as a stepping stone for interaction. You eventually find a common topic of interest and interact with people with multiple similar and different opinions.

5- Boosts confidence

The most important agenda of these activities is to uplift your confidence. The more you excel in these activities, the more confident you become. Hence, this is a way for the top private universities in Lahore, to make their students work hard and have fun and consequently achieve their set goals. These activities account for a strong foundation for the students.

6- Improves academic performance

Last but not the least, one can’t deny the fruitful impact of these activities on the student’s improved academic performance. Students are refreshed from their daily grind and perform even better than before. They become more focused and enjoy their studies by ensuring maximum productivity.


ICOMS, one of the top private universities in Lahore, is well-informed about the importance of these extracurricular activities. Therefore, our state-of-the-art campus is well-resourced to ensure top-of-the-line co-curricular activities for the students.

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