An impressive personal statement is extremely crucial for your post-graduate studies. For this reason, an apt undergraduate UK international degree can give you the much-needed skill for enrolling in post-graduate qualification. In addition to that, this international degree improves your acceptance chances twofold. Hence, along with a good academic background, you must focus on your personal essay to mark that place.

Not only this, a personal statement is your chance to secure your position in an institution of your choice. In particular, the right undergraduate international degree can help your draft a compelling essay.

Additionally, with a graduate UK international degree, you learn to best express yourself through your words. Moreover, you realize how this essay serves to be your first impression. Therefore, you make all the effort to make a good one.

Guidelines to write a great personal statement

Your personal statement should be precise and crisp. Also, it must be an attention grabber. Furthermore, it should be well-structured. The suitable graduate qualification plays a fundamental role in helping you jot down a compelling personal statement. Let’s have a look at how it should be drafted:

1-         Read the instructions carefully

Undoubtedly, starting the essay is the most difficult. For this reason, you must follow the instructions. Read them out aloud. For instance, if there is a word limit, make sure to get your point across within those parameters. It should be noted, that these instructions might vary from college to college. Hence, make sure to adhere to those guidelines.

2-         Be specific and precise

Precision is the key to writing a top-notch university essay. Moreover, it must have excellent and memorable content. Something that makes your essay stand out among the crowd! Make sure to use a pleasant tone throughout. Highlight your achievements. But don’t be arrogant about them.

Finally, don’t try to just elongate it with any unnecessary details. And always remember to be short and concise.

3-         Write a compelling introduction

Indeed, great writing is not easy. But with a UK international degree, you can kick start your essay on a compelling note. A great introduction sets the stage for you. Moreover, it ultimately grabs your reader’s attention. Make sure to have explicit content that best reflects who you are.

4-         Show your undergraduate essays

Previously written pieces serve as a great way to validate your writing skills. Therefore, make sure to include them. Your word choice best reveals who you are and what you ultimately want to achieve from the qualification.

5-         Don’t use clichés

As mentioned earlier, make sure to be clear and concise with your essays. Moreover, with a UK international degree, you learn to draft distinguishable content. Also, you learn to shortlist the details that would eventually give a much-needed competitive edge to your application.

6-         Be creative

The admission teams are always rooting for creative personal statement essays. International degrees always give an advantage owing to their diversity and exposure. So, always remember to think out-of-the-box. Additionally, include compelling details that validate how you are the best fit for the university slot.

7-         Proofread it

Last but not the least, always remember to proofread it. This is the most important. It never hurts to get a second opinion. For this reason, you should always ask, someone who’s good with words, to skim through your essay. This would eventually let you how it sounds. And lastly, you’d get a better idea if it further needs any amends or changes. 

In conclusion, ICOMS, the best private international university in Lahore, offers UK-based degrees from renowned universities all over the globe. These degrees ultimately give you the much-needed exposure to writing compelling college essays, statements, and applications.

And finally, with our UK international degree, you write a college essay that sets your application apart. And will definitely find you a college spot in the leading post-graduate arenas. 



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