Completing a Master’s degree can enhance your prospects of finding employment in the UK. Students in Pakistan can get a UK Masters degree in Lahore at Ivy College of Management Sciences (ICOMS). We have HEC approval and our university has affiliation with many Ivy League universities in the UK. As a matter of fact, we provide our students with dual degrees. Which indeed is beneficial for our students as they can apply anywhere in the UK as well as in Pakistan. In fact, our students can TRANSFER their CREDITS to any university in the UK. If they believe or want to move abroad and want their credits to transfer in any Ivy League university, then this is simply possible. However, when it comes to the validation of a UK Degree in Pakistan, then indeed it is. In fact, a UK degree is of great worth in Pakistan, and ICOMS allows Pakistani Students to attain an international degree living in Pakistan. 

Job Market and Opportunities after a UK Masters Degree in Lahore

  • Highly Skilled Sectors

The UK has a strong job market in finance, technology, engineering, healthcare, creative industries, and research sectors. Obtaining a UK Masters’s degree can enhance your skills and qualifications. Allowing you to make you more competitive in the fowllowing industries.

  • Employer Demand

In the UK, a UK degree is preferable when they hire candidates. As a matter of fact, a Masters’s degree can demonstrate your expertise and dedication in a particular field. Surely, increasing your chances of finding suitable employment.  

  • Networking and Internships

With a UK degree, students can easily get internships in the UK, even when they are staying in Pakistan. As ICOMS provides abundant opportunities to its students. As a matter of fact, this will significantly boost your job prospects. Peers can utilize university career services, attend industry events, and connect with professionals in their field to expand their network and access potential job opportunities.

What is the cost of a Master’s in the UK?

A UK degree can range from around £38,000 to £45,000 per year or more, depending on the university and the program. However, ICOMS is an opportunity for Pakistani students to attain a degree in the UK without any additional relocation expense. 

How much GPA is required to study Master in the UK?

In the UK, the grade point average (GPA) system is not commonly used for evaluating academic performance. Instead, UK universities typically assess applicants depending on their academic qualifications and achievements. Such as undergraduate degrees, transcripts, and relevant work experience. For admission to a Master’s program in the UK, universities usually have specific entry requirements that can vary depending on the institution, the program of study, and the level of competition. While there may not be a specific GPA requirement because universities often require a strong academic background. In addition, require a good undergraduate degree classification. 

So, if you want a UK Master’s degree in Lahore at ICOMS, then for sure, we also do not require any kind of specific GPA. 

Can I stay in the UK after my Masters’s Degree from ICOMS?

Ivy College of Management Sciences (ICOMS) in Lahore, Pakistan, offers a unique opportunity for students. We offer students a UK Master’s degree without leaving their home country. We have HEC approval with affiliations to several Ivy League universities in the UK. ICOMS provides students with dual degrees that hold value both in the UK and in Pakistan. One of the major advantages of studying at ICOMS is the flexibility it offers. Students have the option to transfer their credits to any university in the UK if they decide to pursue further studies abroad. This means that they can seamlessly continue their education in prestigious Ivy League institutions in the UK. The ability to transfer credits provides a smooth transition for students who wish to move abroad for their studies. Or seek employment opportunities internationally with an ICOMS degree.

We offer dual degrees and facilitate credit transfers. We equip our students with the necessary qualifications and flexibility to pursue their academic and career goals both in Pakistan and abroad. This unique feature sets ICOMS apart. Additionally, provides students with abundant opportunities to access global education and employment prospects. 


ICOMS has a collaboration with Ivy League universities in the UK. Surely, that offers Pakistani students a valuable educational pathway. Indeed, which combines international recognition with the convenience of studying in their home country.

Can you get a job in the UK after Masters? 

Yes, after obtaining a UK Masters degree in Lahore from ICOMS, individuals can enhance their employment prospects, both in Pakistan and internationally. 

Post-Study Work Opportunities

The UK offers post-study work opportunities for international students through various visa options. The UK government offers a program of Graduate Route, for students. International students who complete their degree at a UK higher education institution stay and work in the UK for up to two years (or three years for Ph.D. graduates) after their studies. The Graduate Route provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the UK job market.

  1. Tier 2 Work Visa

After completing a Master’s degree, international students may be eligible to apply for a Tier 2 work visa. This visa allows individuals with a job offer from a UK employer to work in the UK for up to five years. Having a UK Master’s degree can increase your chances of meeting the eligibility criteria for this visa category.

  1. Networking and Career Support

UK universities often provide career support services to their students. Which includes job fairs, networking events, and guidance on finding employment opportunities. Engaging with these resources can significantly enhance your job search efforts and help you connect with potential employers.

  1. Reputation and Recognition

UK degrees are of high regard globally, and employers often value the quality of education and skills which they aquire through a UK Master’s program. Holding a UK degree can demonstrate your academic capabilities, adaptability, and cultural understanding. Indeed, which is attractive to employers. Thus, with an ICOMS degree, it is possible. 

  1. Competitive Advantage

A Master’s degree can give you a competitive edge in the job market, as it signifies a higher level of specialization and expertise in your field. Many professions, such as research, academia, finance, engineering, and management, often require or prefer candidates with advancement of degrees.

To sum up, Ivy College of Management Sciences provides a UK Master’s degree in Lahore that is acceptable all over the globe. Our aim is to provide Pakistani students with opportunities that they lack. We are the only university in Pakistan promoting a UK degree. 

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